Addicted to You  - Becca Ritchie, Krista Ritchie

Here’s a short summary.


Two addicts have basically been fueling and enabling eachother for years. One is a raging alcoholic and the other is a sex addict.


Addicted To You was an interesting read to say the least. On one hand you have Lo, a rich raging alcoholic who can put down more booze than thought possible and on the other hand you have Lily, a rich sex addict who can’t go long without sex whether it be from a stranger at a bar or a stranger off of craigslist. These two have been enabling eachother since they were kids. They go off to college and live together under the impression to their families that they are a couple. They’ve been pretending to be a couple for the past three years. Basically this is the story about all their lies unraveling.


I loved the concept of the two addicts. But don’t get me wrong, I almost gave up on this because Lo was a complete tool and Lily was a moron. It was the middle through the end that reeled me in and let me see that they genuinely cared for one another and that it wasn’t just their diseases keeping them together.


My favorite parts were the ones with the supporting cast Conner, Rose and Ryke. They made the story easier to read when they were involved. For me, they saved the book from the black hole that is my DNF pile.


I can actually say that I am intrigued to see where the next book goes.



This ARC was provided by K.B. Ritchie via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.