Coexist - Julia Crane
Ok, first of all let start out by saying that a little forewarning when POV's are being changed would be nice.

People that held different POV's in this book are....

I'm sure there is more, but I think you get my point. Not only were there too many POV's from too many people, it also changed mid-chapter, mid-paragraph and what was really freakin' frustrating is not knowing who the hell was talking!!!

Keegan is a self-centered, self-absorbed spoiled little brat who thinks of nothing but herself and/or her "chosen" (Rourk) throughout the entire book. Even at the end of this book I wanted to throw up my hands in disgust at her behavior.

All Keegan wanted to do is shop, go to Starbucks, or hangout with her friends and if she wasn't doing that, she was obsessing over Rourk. I wanted to throttle her.... she was that annoying.

Rourk was a bit stalker-esque at the beginning. Not so much at the end, and turned out not to be so bad.

Needless to say I won't be finishing this series, reading through Keegans' thoughts again chills me a little. Yes, truly, she was that annoying.