The Demon Catchers of Milan - Kat Beyer
I was an still am on the fence about this book, it could go one way or another for me. I guess it all depends on what comes next.

Short Summary

Mia Delatorri starts out in the beginning of the book possessed by a demon. I thought it was a fantastic scene in the book, well written and frightening. Many priest are brought in to perform exorcisms but none work, the demon is too strong. Finally people are brought in and they drive the demon away. Those people turn out to be family that she didn't know about from Italy alas The Demon Catchers of Milan. It comes down to either Mia going to Milan with her virtually unknown demon catcher family or staying in the US with her family and risk becoming possessed again. In the end, Mia makes the right decision and gets on the plane. She arrives not knowing any Italian or the culture to begin her journey to learn how to protect herself.

Thinks I Liked

~ I loved the premise of the book, the demons, a band of family members who are hated by the church for what they do.

~ Mia's Italian family. So many different people with different personalities, the type of people that everyone has in their own family. It reminded me of my own Italian family where every Sunday (unless working) is family day no matter what.

~ I liked the villains as well which basically consisted of the demon that possessed Mia, the angry spirit and mean ol' Lucifero who tricked Mia into a coffee date to lure the demon that followed her out and invite the demon into his body.

You would think that given all I like about this book that I would have given more than 3 out of 5. And I would have


Things I Didn't Like

~ Mia... Oh Mia, you fool. At points I did like her. She had some bravery and spunk, but she let her Italian family walk all over her. She let them leave her ignorant through out the book. She should have begged, screamed and demanded to know what was going on, and if that didn't work she should have demanded some more. It was like she was afraid to say anything, to speak up. Instead during the first half she spent her time learning Italian and the history of Milan and in general just bumbling around. The entire book she was completely frightened of everyone and everything. And finally at the end she grew a slight backbone. There were times I wanted to shake her and tell her to open her eyes and try to take some control of her life. Other times she didn't bother me and I began to like her.
But her backbone or lack there of wasn't what bothered me most.
What bothered me the most about Mia was her gross crush on her cousin (don't care how many times removed, still gross) Emilio. You would think that at some point she would just see him as being a family member that was good looking instead of being attracted to him. It made things weird between them because to me it seemed like Emilio knew of Mia's crush. She was always afraid to talk to him.
Ok, this is the last thing on Mia I swear.
Mia had the worst self-image. She thought that she was ugly and fat and that her sister was gorgeous and got all the good looks. This seems to be a unhealthy trend nowadays. That almost every YA heroine thinks of herself as the ugliest of the ugly ducklings and if she isn't ugly she's the belle of the ball with a bitchy attitude. I just want to see a few YA heroines that have a healthy body image and not come off as self centered arrogant assholes. An average girl who doesn't think she's just average. Imagine if Mia had a little more confidence. Maybe she would have asked more questions or spoke her mind more.

~ The last thing that I had a problem with was the editing. I hope that the ARC I received wasn't the final product. There were a few times that it seemed that sentences were cut off midway or that the middle was missing.

I did enjoy the book but I would have changed a few things. I will read a second book if there turns out to be more. If there is any indication on what Mia will be like I hope she sticks to her guns like at the end of the book. I want to see Mia stronger and more confident. By doing that I think she would be more enjoyable to read about.

This ARC was provided by Egmont USA via Netgalley.