The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa

If you haven't read the Iron Fey series I suggest you do so, if not The Lost Prince is apart from the series enough that you can still enjoy it. BUT, I don't think that you could get the full enjoyment out of it.

This book picks up 13 years after The Iron Prince took place, and it features Ethan Chase the younger half-brother of Iron Queen Meghan Chase. Ethan has always been able to see Fae and the Fae know that he can see them. They constantly make his life a living hell, getting him expelled from school because the teachers thought he set fire to the library when a fae did. Because of the fae, Ethan is brooding, unsettling, paranoid, and mean. He starts at a new school for his senior year and befriends a half-breed Todd and his classmate Kenzie. Todd finds out who Ethan really is (he tries to hide who his sister is) and asks Ethan for help. Strange fae have been following him around but since Ethan has a no fae policy he is reluctant to help, but eventually he tries to and his efforts go to waste when Todd turns up missing. Ethan is warned by the mysterious fae to stay out of it and to not get involved with what is happening, while this conversation is going on Kenzie has managed to sneak around and hear the entire thing. Anywho, Ethan tries to find out what happened to Todd and decides to find the exiled fae in the local park to see if they've heard anything but they are all missing too.

If you read The Iron Prince, you will remember a scene where they are waiting for the boat to take them to the end of the world. While staying at a hotel they fall asleep and the Forgotten try to suck out their glamour. Well, guess who's behind all the disappearances of the Exiles and Half-breeds.....The Forgotten. How the hell they escaped from where ever the hell they were is beyond me.

Well, The Forgotten have taken a special interest in Ethan and try to off him at a Kali tournament. To save himself and Kenzie (who is an aspiring journalist and is covering the Kali tournament)he decides the only thing he can do is go to Nevernever by way of a token given to him by his sister. So while being surrounded by Forgotten Ethan does the one thing he never wanted to do... Go back to Nevernever.

And they land in a cave, occupied by no other than...



Grimalkin ends up being Ethan and Kenzie's guide to the Iron Realm where we get to see what Meghan has done with her kingdom and a glimpse of Meghan and Ash. And unfortunately it was only a glimpse. While staying in the Iron Queens castle (on Meghan's orders) a boy springs them out.

Turns out Ash's end of the world vision comes true and we finally meet Kierran!

This is about as far as I'm going with a summary, so much happens in this book that it would take forever to write out. So I'm not going to!

I debated for a while on whether I wanted to give this 3.5 stars or 4. And in the end I think it deserves 4. To be honest, there are only two reasons that this didn't 5 stars. Ethan and a lack of Ash, Meghan and Puck. I know that this book is about Ethan and Kierran, but I wanted more of the original three. Out of all of them, Puck had the most screen time. Hopefully that will change in the next book (Ahem, Ms. Kagawa...hint, hint). I truly didn't like Ethan until the very end, when he stopped being such a jackass. The entire book he was arrogant and just plain mean, I knew why he was that way but it didn't make him more likable.

I loved Kenzie and Kierran. Plain and simple.

There were quite a few returning characters who helped Ethan, Kenzie, and Kierran along on their journey. The Exile Queen Leanansidhe (whom I have never liked in any of the books she has been in), Razor the gremlin who I adore now, he's so freakin' cute, and of course Grimalkin. Grimalkin in my opinion makes every scene he's in, sarcasm is like a second language to him.

Read this book and the entire Iron Fey series for the full experience or just read this as part of the Forgotten series. Either way, they are all fantastic reads.

This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley, THANKS A MILLION!!