Intrigue - Stacey Rychener
You know when you see that free book that also is centered around the place you grew up? You almost feel that you have to read it. Like you're already thinking in your head that this can't be good, probably got all the details wrong.

I totally went into this book thinking like that. I admit it freely, because in my mind it's already had two strikes against it. Number 1: it's free, and lets face it... there are some pretty bad free books out there. Number 2: it's based in Detroit, and for someone like myself who grew up literally two blocks outside the city limits and spent a fair share of time there, you have to know your shit to impress me.

Lets just say

I WAS IMPRESSED ... by the descriptions of Detroit.

Before I get into the characters and the story line let me say that Stacey Rychener did a fantastic job, she didn't make up locations or buildings. When she said that the main character Calli lived on Warwick and Puritan, I was able to look up that location and see that it was real. Another thing in her favor was the links I had throughout my e-book that made it possible to see the buildings that she was talking about. Any building she mentioned in the book was given a corresponding link online so that the reader was able to put a picture, description, and location to the building. Basically anyone who isn't familiar with the city of Detroit could become acquainted with it.

And then


I love mythology, all of it, in any form. Calli (Calliope) is a 17 year old girl from Detroit who finds out she is a Muse and it's Hermes job to keep her safe and out of Ares sight. Apollo is also involved in the story because he feels that Calli is his Muse. Ares finds out about her and think that she is his Muse and Hermes has the hots for her and yeah.... there's a lot going on.


I felt like doing this often

To be honest, only a few things bothered me.

Ms. Rychener, teenagers swear. Using "flock" as a derivative of "fuck" or "eyas" for "ass" makes no sense. I feels like you were trying to make her seem younger than she really was.

Greek Gods and Demigods are not Vampyres (with a "y" not an "i") EVER. It does make the story a little more interesting but Greek mythology is interesting in itself.

Overall, I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised by the love of Detroit that the author had. I look forward to the next book!

I take the flock part away.... I found myself calling my boyfriend a flocker and people in general lol!