Wrecked - Priscilla West

Thanks to Blackbird Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for a honest review.

I found Wrecked to be like every other New Adult book out there.

-Highly muscled and slutty bad boy with mad fighting skills.

-Emotionally compromised girl with a tragic past.

-Girls need to keep relationship platonic and boys need to take it too far.

-Sorry excuse for best friends and a bitter ex.

The only reason it got 3 stars instead of 2 was because of the kittens. I’m a sucker for kittens! I am glad that I finished this book just for the simple fact of Hunter’s side of the story.

Hunter was different from other bad boys because he wasn’t a complete tool. He had tool moments but they were few and far between. An MMA cage fighter with a soft side, I truly liked Hunter.

Lorrie on the other hand should be thankful I can’t shove my hand through my kindle and smack her dumbass! I have never been so annoyed with a main character before. I hated being in her head. It was like she was intentionally yet unintentionally trying to ruin not only her friendship with Hunter but any type of relationship with him.

Hunter and the kittens were the best parts. Lorrie just needed to go away. There’s going to be a sequel to Wrecked, as of now I’m pretty sure I won’t be reading it.