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You get 5 stars, you get 5 stars, you get five stars!

My name is Jennifer and I have a problem…. Here’s my story


My best friend, her other half, her daughter, my other half and I are enjoying an amazing vacation in a cabin off of a lake. This particular morning started almost like every other. Being the mother of a super active toddler, I’ve grown accustomed to waking up at the ass crack of dawn. Even without my daughter, I found myself up early.

No joke, I was up at 6:30, then 7:30 and finally at 8:00. At this point, the sun was blinding me. So I crept through the cabin, grab my phone and started my regular morning routine of laughing at people on facebook and just generally seeing if the sky is falling. As the morning progressed and still nobody was awake, I was growing restless. I had brought my kindle and a few books with me to keep myself entertained on the car ride up and to maybe read a few chapters before bed.

In my state of boredom I reached for Cinder. I tried to pick it up when I first bought it, but I was in an EPIC book slump and was just not at all interested in it.

I can’t say what happened, I don’t know how it happened. I broke my own reading record with Cinder. In less than 8 hours, I was finished. FINISHED I TELL YOU!

But that wasn’t good enough, was it? NO, because what happened next is just fucking ridiculous. I went on Amazon and ordered book 2. Here I am thinking that “Well, book 2 should last me until we leave, then I can just grab my copy of book 3 and read it at home”

Except by the time the third morning of vacation rolled around I was done with book 2!!!

Here I am jonesing for book 3 like a crack addict. Let me remind you that I already have a copy of book 3, at home….3 1/2 hours away. Don’t worry though, I didn’t deprive myself….What kind of human being would I be if I denied myself? LOL

By the time we woke up on day 4, packed up all of our belongings and started our journey home, I was 20 pages from being done with Cress. Here’s the thing, to you reading this, it almost sounds like I didn’t leave the cabin. I did leave the cabin, I went swimming, got sunburned, went canoeing and boating. I cooked breakfasts, and dinners. Played games with everyone. I didn’t spend my entire vacation hiding in a corner cracking out to Marissa Meyer.


Now here I am, awaiting Winter to come out… I still have to read the Queen’s book but I’m trying my hardest to wait. It’s not easy.

Once again, my name is Jennifer….