So my favorite person threw my name out in the booklikes forums and garnered me all these new followers! Shes the best!


For everyone that has followed me in the past week or so, thank you! You may just make me like booklikes again. 


My name is Jennifer or Jen, and I am one half of Bookworm Coalition. I use sarcasm as a second language (some days it's the only form of english I know), I also use WAY TO MANY exclamation points!!! I swear like a sailor both out loud and in my head, and I have no problem telling anyone how it is. My mouth gets me in trouble, often.


My posts may be scattered for a little while. I have one busted ass computer and an obscene amount of work to do (I am guilty of posting reviews at work!) but I am determined to do more.


Thank you again, and I look forward to interacting with all of you!