No Quest For The Wicked - Shanna Swendson

We're back with Katie and Owen in another adventure. I was actually surprised at how fast another book came out, considering I just read and reviewed the last one less than a month ago.

So we pick back up with Katie and Owen, but now Owen is an immune and he's been given the task of translation a rare and powerful book that nobody has been able to translate because of it's powers over people. Katie is bored out of her mind doing her marketing job for a company that doesn't need any marketing.

So a lot happens in this book, unfortunately this will be a short review because of so much happening that I really don't want to give any away.

Owen and Katie find out from the book (it magically updates itself) that a powerful magical item is on the move. The Eye of the Moon is a creation that Merlin made which at the time wasn't able to be destroyed by magic or man so it was put into a box that was warded and hidden. All this means that Katie and Owen are going on a quest to retrieve it, but along the way they find out that the Eye of the Moon has been attached to the Knot of Arnhold which makes the wearer of the knot practically invulnerable.

The wearer of the broach is none other than Katie's former boss Mimi. Mimi actually makes me laugh a lot. Everything she says is a contradiction of what she said earlier. Mimi believes she is that most important person in the history of ever (even without the broach). Let's just say that Mimi is not giving up the Knot or Eye without causing all kinds of problems.

Many new characters were introduced... Sylvester who calls himself the Elf Lord or Lord Elf (honestly I don't remember and I'm too lazy to look it up)... arrogant ass. He's the reason for the mess. Also Lyle, who is also an elf and Sylvester's right hand man.

Earl is by far my favorite new character. Nobody ever listens to him, and ignores him. Something is revealed about him in this book but let's just say that he decided to help Katie and Owen on their quest.

Granny comes for a visit too and she's hilarious. She basically got on a train and showed up in NYC telling Katie that her big toe was hurting her and that told her that she needed to be there for when Katie needed her.

BIG revelations were made and so much happened that I was glad to give it 5 stars. The entire book took place in one day so I'm glad that my normal grumbles about missing characters isn't valid for this book.

I recommend this series for anyone wanting an easy read or someone who loves adventure stories with not a lot of romance (HINT HINT GET ON WITH THE ROMANCE ALREADY!!). Everything about this series is fun and light.

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