Eve & Adam - Michael  Grant, Katherine Applegate
I started off reading a different book, one that was a second in a series that I was intrigued by. Then that book was getting less than stellar reviews and I realized that it had taken me 2 days to read 10% of the book. So naturally I put that book down for a bit just to give myself a break. I picked up Eve and Adam and this one also had spotty reviews. I thought to myself - great, here I thought that this book might be able to pull me out of this blah slump I've been in. The moral of this story is... IT DID!!!

I thought Eve and Adam was great! It was the perfect book to get me out of what I'm calling "the reading funk of 2012"

(Me during what I have dubbed "the reading funk of 2012")

Short Summary

We are introduced to Evening Striker and right away she is hit by a streetcar. To simplify it even more than the book did, she almost lost her life, and she lost her leg in the accident. It was reattached. Eve's ice queen mother Terra Striker who is he head of Striker Bio-pharmaceuticals has lobbied to get Evening moved to Striker because it's got better facilities. Then we meet Solo, a young man who has grown up living inside Striker Bio-pharmaceuticals after his parents died. Solo is there in the hospital after following Terra, so he helps transport Eve. Solo is instantly attracted to Eve (of course), and has taken it upon himself to make sure Eve is comfortable. But Solo is hiding something, he knows that Striker is doing illegal activity and is determined to make Terra pay for it. Anywho, while Evening is resting, her mother gives her a project to work on. The project is to make the perfect human being. And while Evening thinks it's just a project, and that nothing but the simulation will come of it, that is not the case. Also, the project is suppose to occupy the fact that Eve is healing at an extremely accelerated pace.

My Thoughts

I thought that this book was cute and there was so much going on that I really didn't have time to care or want to care that it reeked of all things cliche. Case in point, the dead parent, the bitch/absent mother, the party hard best friend, the totally hot stranger, the creepy scientist. There was also a love triangle but honestly it lasted all of 20 pages so in my mind it doesn't count.

At times there were things lacking that needed to be addressed. Such as Eve's lack of curiosity about her leg, because if that was my leg I'd be freaked out. She wasn't fidgeting or even going crazy with the fact that her leg was (to the best of her knowledge) mangled up. Any teenager or any person will be freaking out over their leg, especially teenagers!
Or maybe Eve's reaction to what her father did?? Or how about Adam? She kind of just accepted that he was there and alive I might add. Almost like she knew it would happen.

There was one character that I could stand/stomach, and that was Aislin. Ugh, she made me want to bitch slap my kindle. She was the worst best friend ever, with her douche bag boyfriend dealing drugs and basically getting lynched my the mob. Oh, whatever!! If I talk about her anymore I'll just get pissed off!

The sci-fi aspect of this was pretty cool even if it was just a glimpse. The thought of cloning and making humans, basically playing God is fascinating.

This ARC was provided by Macmillan Children's Publishing Group via NetGalley, Thanks!