Tab Bennett and the Inbetween (Princess of Twilight and Dawn, #1) - Jes Young
It's actually 3.5

Wouldn't it be incredibly cool to find out after 24 years of living with your grandparent and sisters and cousins that everything was a lie. That you are actually a elvish princess and future queen promised to another, people that you thought were your family are actually your bodyguards and advisers. I think it would suck, and suck hard. Welcome to Tabitha Bennett's life.

You first meet Tabitha while she's having a vision of her sisters murder, and then she is her sister in the vision, witnessing first hand what is happening to her. Turns out Rivers is actually the third sister to be murdered, and Tabitha knows she's next. She's engaged to Robbin, but Robbin turns out to be an elf too, who tasked himself with looking over her. At Rivers funeral a guest appears by the name of Alexander, it turns out that Alex and Tab have been promised to each other before Tabitha was even born. The first time she meets him, Alex and Tabitha basically molest each other because of an enchantment. So of course there's a love triangle which I tend to hate but as the book progressed there were a lot of secrets revealed. Such as Robbin and Alex were best friends and the supposed reason Robbin left for the human world was to watch over Tabitha. But I now know that isn't the reason he was there, but that secret is a doozie so i'll let it be.

Tab Bennett and the Inbetween had a little bit of everything going on... love, death, sex, kidnapping, torture, laughing, crying, and fighting. Tab was strong under the right circumstances, but by herself she tended to brood (which was understandable, sisters' deaths, broken engagement and everything else that was going on). When she found out that she could command people, it gave her a confedence boost that she needed but she truly tried not to use that power over people because she disliked it. She was dealt a shitty hand and tried to make the best out of it. I disliked Robbin instantly and with every snide comment that came running out of his big mouth I disliked him even more. He knew from the very beginning before Tab was born (elves age slowly... usually centuries old slowly) that there was a bonding with someone else. An enchantment in place, yet he still started a relationship with her and got engaged to her when he knew it wouldn't last! Then he has the gall to get all mad at Tabitha when she sees Alex for the first time and is instantly attracted to him (again, enchantment did it). The secrets Robbin was holding so close to him were revealed and it was bittersweet justice and to me, fitting. Now Alex on the other hand *sigh* I liked him BUT... it feels as though he's hiding something. I love Alex and Tab together and it seems that Alex had Tab's interest at heart, he's patient with her and trying to take things slow. But like I said, it seems as he hiding something, something big.

The only two characters I didn't like were Robbin (who I already ranted about) and Pop. The reason I didn't like Pop was because he was so determined to keep Tabitha in the dark about her family, her heritage and pretty much EVERYTHING! It got annoying fast, and I think that Pop got used to having power (elvish government split because Tab was too young to take the throne when her mother died) and I think he won't give it up easily. Every other character I enjoyed even when the crazies came out. They all played important roles in my opinion. Sometimes I liked the secondary characters more than the main characters.

The elves are divided into two groups. Just like the Fae are broken into Seelie and Unseelie so are the Elves and I hated the names.... Hated! I wish they sounded cooler and less haughty and snooty (yes that is what I thought they sounded like when they said the names). "We of the Light" are the good guys, and who Tab rules over and then there is "They of the Dark" who are of course the bad guys. I think something more creative would have been cools, like Lightness and Darkness. Essentially the same names, just shortened.

I did enjoy Tab Bennett and the Inbetween, the first half of the book was slow but the second half was way better. I look forward to the next book in the series

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